GLOBAL TAX JSCo is a consulting company, specialized in providing services in the sphere of tax strategies, tax consultations and tax defence.

GLOBAL TAX is preferred by its clients not only for the variety of the services provided, but also for the timely and professional reaction of the team when solving the specific issues and problems.

GLOBAL TAX is oriented towards providing services for solving specific tax problems and issues of our clients with a purpose to:

  • Minimize the tax risk
  • Optimize payment of taxes
  • Professional help, adequate cooperation and protection on specific tax issues


  • Provides services mainly to corporate clients
  • Provides help and cooperation to accountants, auditors, advocates and managers regarding specific tax problems and regulations
  • Consults state institutions, branch and other organizations for development of and/or discussing of tax bills or domestic enactments and procedures with regard to their tax consequences
  • Participates in lecturers teams in courses for educating people, interested in the tax legislation

GLOBAL TAX functions as a highly qualified team of jurists and economists with tax practice, acquired including from working in the tax administration, with experience and knowledge of accountancy, corporate finance, the Bulgarian and international tax law.

GLOBAL TAX offers:

  • Individual approach to each client
  • Precise identification of the tax problem
  • Joint decisions of the entire team when solving the cases
  • Open and proper attitude to our clients
  • Keeping the agreed terms for work
  • Accountancy and transparency of the result of our work
  • Professionalism and responsibility
  • Confidentiality



Owner or a manager of a company and you want
  • To have no tax problems and thats why you prefer someone with a practical experience to consult and advice you preventively and currently
  • A preliminary tax audit to be performed to you
  • To find out whether your tax obligations were correctly determined during a tax audit or a revision, why you were refused the right of a tax credit or if you were correctly endorsed and how you can protect yourself against tax deeds, actions or inactions of tax authorities and public executors
  • To ask for an opinion for the application of the tax and social security legislation from a tax authority and you need help to prepare your inquiry
  • To optimize the tax regime of the performed by you activity or deal
  • To receive a tax consultation
A foreign or a Bulgarian investor and you want to
  • To minimize the tax risk for your investments
  • To be aware of the financial-economic condition and the possible tax obligations of an enterprise, which you want to buy
  • To be informed about the tax relieves and the conditions under which you can use them
  • To optimize the payment of taxes, including by application of the Double Taxation Treaties
You are an accountant or an auditor and you want to be sure that
  • The chosen by you accounting decision will not lead to tax regulations and to harming the interest of your employer or of your client
  • The prepared or certified by you statements or the expressed reserves are in correspondence with the tax regulations
You are a lawyer or an advocacy partnership and you want
  • To be sure that a prepared by you contract or an advice wont lead to tax regulations for you client
  • To make an expert analysis of the tax deeds of your client or to receive an expert opinion about the exact formulation of an accounting investigation regarding tax cases
You have any sort of a tax problem and you want to find a decision or you need an advice, in order to avoid tax problems