Our client are many Bulgarian and foreign companies which activity is multifunctional, precisely in the field of telecommunications and postal services, energetics, air carriers, production companies, building of large equipment, production and trade with automobiles, medicine, consumer goods etc., as well as to non-governmental organizations and branch associations.

Some of our clients are(in alphabetical order) bulgarian and international companies such as:


  • Actavis EAD
  • Advocate Partnership
    “Tabakov, Tabakova and partners”
  • Agrogroup Exact OOD
  • Alfa Finance Holding AD
  • Arkus AD
  • Association of automobiles producers and their authorized representatives in Bulgaria
  • BDB Group OOD
  • Bulgarian Energetic Holding EAD
  • Bulgarian Posts EAD
  • Dunav Tours AD
  • Euraudit BX OOD
  • Evrokom Cable Management
    Bulgaria EOOD
  • Expo 2000 Real Estate EOOD
  • Information services AD
  • Interlease EAD
  • Interlex Consult EOOD
  • Kaolin AD
  • K C M AD
  • Kodak Graphics Communications AD
  • Litex Commerce AD
  • Maritsa Publishing Company OOD
  • Orkid Management Bulgaria EOOD
  • Roche Bulgaria EAD
  • Sodexo Pass Bulgaria EOOD
  • Sofia Frans Auto AD
  • Sofiyska Voda AD
  • Somat AD
  • U M C AD
  • Union Ivkoni OOD
  • VM Finance Group AD
  • Wurth Bulgaria EOOD